EJDER Series Chiesel

Product Details

In the requirement of breaking the “plow-pan”, “natural-pan” or “traffic pan” at the soil we need to work deeper. EJDER and KUNDUZ series Chiesels are used on 30-55cm depth of the soil to break the “pan” and also this would improve the capillarity and aeration of the soil.

Highly constructed chasis (80 cm clearance from ground level) ensures the prohibition of “soil collecting” problem on high speed of work.

The smart chasis construction of the machine is gving opportunity change the tine to tine distance either 30 or 45cm without any special requirement. “Triangle Stone Breakers” to improve the breaking effect and “Side Cutter Blades” to make weed cutting on top level are standart on our machine at each tine.

The “Tine Blades” and “Stone Breakers” made from high abbrasive resistant and high strenghtned materialsto improve the durability and work life.

These equipments are given as standart at EJDER and KUNDUZ Series Chiesels.

Optional “Double Breaker Rear Roller” is making the top surface smooth breaking to leave “Micro Granulized Soil” at top level which is the most important step of “Seed Bed Preperation”. By the attchment of this equipment, the result of the work is “Macro Granular Breaking” at lower level of soil and “Micro Granular Breaking” at the top level of soil.

This ensures the high capillarity and areation capacity in soil.

Technical Specifications

DEPTH: MAX. 55 cm
Heavy Chiesel 5 Legs
250 cm
1100 KG
100-150 HP
Heavy Chiesel 7 Legs
300 cm
1500 KG
110-170 HP
Heavy Chiesel 9 Legs
400 cm
2000 KG
150-200 HP
Heavy Chiesel Combine 5 Legs with Roller
250 cm
1800 KG
120-160 HP
Heavy Chiesel Combine 7 Legs with Roller
300 cm
2300 KG
130-190 HP
Heavy Chiesel Combine 9 Legs with Roller
400 cm
3000 KG
170-220 HP

Video Gallery

EJDER Series 9 Legs