KISRAK Series Planters

Product Details

Since the time we introduced the first “Mechanical Cotton Planter” machine to Turkish market, we offer the most precise machines to the customers. As being the poineer of the “Planters” in the Turkish market, Azim Ziraat Aletleri introduced the Pneumatic Planters series for different conditions.

KISRAK Series are useful wet of not well prepared soil conditions with the best efficiency. The great advantage of this machine is to fix the depth of the seed with the surface in every soil condition.

All Planter Series Pneuumatic Planters differs from other competitors with its strenght, “Easy To Use System”, “Easy To Change Sowing Disc”, “Easy Transmition System”, “Sowing Disc Support System” and the “Sowing Distance Precision” system with the reliable experience of Azim Ziraat Aletleri.

Technical Specifications

4 Rows KISRAK Series
120x2 dm³
800 KG
1050 KG
5 Rows KISRAK Series
120x2 dm³
1000 KG
1250 KG
6 Rows KISRAK Series
210x2 dm³
1200 KG
1400 KG
6 Rows Telescopic KISRAK Series
210x2 dm³
1280 KG
1480 KG
8 Rows KISRAK Series
120x4 dm³
1500 KG
1850 KG

Video Gallery

KISRAK 8 Rows Pneumatic Planter